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Special Announcement from Bishop Tudor Bismark:

In an effort to expand the scope and reach of Jabula - New Life Ministries International, Bishop Tudor Bismark will assume the office of President of the Executive Board of Jabula - New Life Ministries whilst appointing Bishop Hugh D. Smith, Jr. as Presiding Bishop of Jabula - New Life Ministries.

This decision was ratified by the Executive Board of Jabula Bishops at their strategic meeting held in Orlando Florida in January 2016. The official transition of these positions will take place in 2017. More information will be released over time.

We thank God for His guidance through this exciting period in Jabula's history, as we begin a new chapter in our history. 

Jabula - New Life Ministries is an international movement which was founded in 1989 by Bishop Bismark, along with his wife Pastor ChiChi. Originally, Jabula began as an extension of the local church in Harare, but quickly grew through church planting and international expansion. As God began to elevate Bishop Bismark, it became evident that the organization (Jabula - New Life Ministries) was becoming an apostolic movement that would bring life, transformation, order and leadership to churches, pastors, cities, para-church ministries and nations all over the world. Throughout the 1990's and early 2000's, Bishop Bismark was increasingly called upon to travel, bringing a fresh and clear voice to the Body of Christ concerning the Kingdom, and a new way forward. Today, Jabula - New Life Ministries is in 27 nations around the world, and continues to extend its reach through church planting, empowerment programs, and advanced leadership training provided by Bishop Tudor and Pastor ChiChi Bismark.

Jabula International Network is a coalition of like-minded pastors and leaders who have connected in covenant with Bishop Tudor Bismark as their spiritual father and overseer. These men and women represent hundreds of churches and para-church ministries, all desiring to model after the leadership and structures provided to them by the overall Jabula template.

Below, we have provided a listing of some of the continental leaders and their respective offices:


Leadership: Pastor Mark van Rooyen


PO Box 3553
Southgate 2082
Johannesburg, South Africa


North America

Leadership: Bishop Hugh D. Smith Jr.

Administrator: Pastor Keith O'Neal

P.O. Box 1854
Muncie, IN 47308, USA
Europe & Asia

Leadership: Bishop Melvin Brooks

Administrator: Pastor Memory Tapfumanayi

Aston Cross, 6 Rocky Lane
Birmingham, B6 5RQ
Telephone +44 0121 359 02752



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